Soulful Inspired Living Starter Pack

2 Hr Self Paced Worksop
Beautiful Interactive Workbook
Includes 3 Healing Audio Meditations
30 min 1:1 Session with Sashua 

Soulful Inspired Living Starter Pack

Live Energy Meditation

Soulful Inspired Living Workshop

Duration:  2 hrs

Enjoy the interactive nature of this Workshop.  Pause the video to complete the exercises as you go.  Deeper insights will come when you take your time to answer the questions.

Spiritual Coaching

Soulful Inspired Living Workbook

Pages: 10

Keep the Workbook handy as you progress through the workshop. Feel free to print it for note-taking, or simply view it on your screen. If printing is not possible, a notebook works well too, using the Workbook as your guide.

Sashua Benay Coaching

30 min 1:1 Session with Sashua

Inspired Life Opportunity Review

30 mins via Zoom or Phone

Let’s get together and review how you can live your Inspired Life.  Answer the survey on the booking form so we can dive straight in! 

Audio Meditations

Want to do more with Sashua?

Life Blockage Release Consultation

Life Blockage Release

A 1:1 consultation over 2 hours to heal and clear the backlog of blocked energy that surrounds your limiting beliefs and fears. This healing session will give you an antidote to negative recurring themes in your life and a clear path to move forward on a new trajectory, empowered and liberated.

Business of Life Workshop

Business of Life Workshop

This is for developing your Intuition in profound ways – where we channel who you team of guides are, your unique Spiritual Gift Order (Prophecy, Vision, Intuition, Feeling) so you know how they will communicate with you and teach you techniques on how to ask questions, receive answers and look after your own energy.  You will discover more of your life purpose to achieve an extraordinary quality of life outside of what is predictable and evolve to a higher level of inspiration and love to live the life you dream of.  5 hr Workshop plus 45 min Follow Up Group Session.

Concepts of Limitation Healing Consultation

Loved Ones Healing

When Loved Ones pass on or make transition it is important we do our part to ensure their trip is successful. The impact loved ones who have passed can have on our energy can be tremendous – without us even realising.  This healing is giving the gift of freedom to Loved Ones to assist them make full transition and relieve us of the heaviness of their sorrow, fear, indecision and depleted energy.  This healing clears the path for any loved ones, clearing ancestral blockages and generational healing.  A profound in-depth healing.
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Spiritual Coaching

Coaching & Mentoring

One to one and group coaching and mentoring, tailor made to suit your individual circumstances for more confidence, intuition and clarity in your life and business.  Sashua integrates her unique Beyond Mindset Methodologies to create transformational change that is everlasting.

Ready to explore your next steps?

Schedule a chat with me and let’s tailor a plan for your unique journey. Our conversation promises clarity and a sense of upliftment, guiding you towards your desired path. Book a call today and start shaping your future.

Sashua Banay Transformational Coach

Hi, I’m Sashua!

Great to see you here! If you have landed here then perhaps you are searching for change. Perhaps you know there is something more that life is destined to offer you. And you are right! After 12 years in Corporate HR, I knew there had to be something more. Life felt like a struggle, my health was a struggle and no matter how much I mind-over-mattered everything, it just kept getting heavier. So I embarked on a huge journey which transformed my life. I’d love to tell you about it sometime… For the last 18 years since then, I have been passionately coaching others to live their inspired life tapping into Intuition and connecting with the Universe. Whether you know what that looks like for you or not I can help. Connect and let’s find out how.

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