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Overcome Your Fear of Speaking with the Mindful Energy Program
Magnetic Speaker

Breakthrough the struggle to drum up the confidence to get on stage or in front of the camera with this ground breaking speaker training with a powerful difference.
Transcending beyond traditional techniques, this work dives deep into your soul to give rise to your true speaker presence.

Magnetic Speaker Training

Program Overview

  • Master Your Stage Presence: Learn techniques to command attention and engage your audience effectively.
  • Overcome Speaking Anxiety: Strategies to conquer stage fright and speak confidently in any setting.
  • Enhance Communication Skills: Improve your articulation, storytelling, and persuasive speaking.
  • Authentic Expression: Unlock your authentic self to connect deeply with your audience.
  • Inner Voice Discovery: Tap into the power of your inner voice, finding strength and clarity from within.
  • Spiritual Connection: Align with your true authentic spirit to co-create with the universe, enhancing your message’s impact.
  • Heart Coherence: Learn techniques to balance your emotional and energetic state, fostering a resonant connection with your audience.
  • Gold Focusing: Focus on the essence and value of your message, bringing forth your ‘golden’ content to inspire and influence.
  • Practical Exercises: Hands-on practice sessions to hone your skills in real-world scenarios.
  • Feedback and Personalized Coaching: Receive constructive feedback to refine your speaking style and approach.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with other professionals to expand your network and opportunities.

Powerful Storytelling
Ignites the Room

Sashua is a high energy facilitator & speaker with a calm core centre, who ignites everlasting change in those she works with. She is a genuine, heart-felt storyteller with powerful insights who speaks from a knowing from years of life experiences, conscious choices and a bigger picture for all.
Her ability to pass these skills and techniques to others from a place of inner knowing transcends all traditional speaker training activating speakers with authentic presence.


Who the Program is For?

Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Leaders, Managers, C Suite, Board Members, Founders.

  • Professionals with Stage Fright: Ideal for anyone who fears public speaking, whether it’s on stage or in front of a camera.
  • Content Creators: Suited for business owners and entrepreneurs who delay creating video content due to anxiety.
  • High-Stakes Speakers: Perfect for leaders, managers, and executives who experience nervousness before speaking engagements.
  • Authentic Communicators: Designed for those who wish to infuse authenticity and true personal essence into their public and video presentations.
  • Dynamic Engagers: For individuals aiming to captivate and connect deeply with their audiences.
  • Business Strategists: Tailored for professionals who want to leverage speaking as a key element of business growth.
  • Visionaries and Leaders: Ideal for founders, board members, and spokespeople starting or leading movements.

Moves The Audience, Holds The Space

As someone who knows how to work with energy, Sashua also knows how to move an audience and hold the space.  She is engaging, charismatic and uplifts audiences to see life through a different lens.  Sashua has been described as having a “radio voice that sounds like liquid chocolate” that one could “listen to all day” and her “presence creates immediate authority and trust”.

What You’ll Achieve

  • Confidence Mastery: Shed fears of public speaking and embrace the stage or camera with unwavering confidence.
  • Powerful Presence: Develop a magnetic presence that captivates and engages audiences, ensuring your message resonates deeply.
  • Enhanced Clarity and Expression: Gain the ability to articulate your thoughts and emotions clearly, enhancing your communication effectiveness.
  • Authentic Connection: Learn to connect authentically with your audience by aligning your speech with your true self and spirit.
  • Inner Voice Amplification: Amplify your inner voice to guide your public persona, allowing for more genuine and impactful presentations.
  • Spiritual Alignment: Integrate spiritual practices to maintain coherence and balance, boosting your emotional resonance with audiences.
  • Creative Co-Creation: Harness the power of co-creation with the universe to enrich your content and delivery.
  • Strategic Content Creation: Craft compelling content that not only informs but also inspires and motivates your audience.
  • Personal and Professional Growth: Experience profound personal growth that translates into enhanced professional capabilities and opportunities.
  • Network Expansion: Expand your professional network through interactions with fellow participants and industry experts.
Professional Speaker, Sashua Benay

Hi, I’m Sashua!

I am a Transformation Coach, Corporate Facilitator and Keynote Speaker with over 19 years’ experience in personal and professional development. Prior to that, I spent 12 years in Corporate Human Resources specialising in Organisational Development, Leadership and Culture. I now specialise in soul centred empowerment to give heart-centred professionals a voice. My mission is to inspire and empower others to find their truth and path of happiness through living consciously. From city slicker, to working in remote mining then professional sport, exiting corporate, becoming a farmer, losing 50kgs naturally, doing a deep dive into soul-centred personal development, I have had over 24,000 conversations on living a working a better way.  I have LIVED.  I have done the Tree Change and know what it takes and I have the stories to attest to it.  Sharing them with humour and inspiration to connect and activate change.

Here is some client love

“Sashua is a special lady with a gift at reading people and understanding the right things to say and the right direction to take in any circumstance. She’s simply a brilliant and clearly an experienced coach. The real deal.”

Damian, Sunshine Coast

“Sashua is a breath of fresh air. She has a high energy, genuine approach that is inspiring, engaging and empowering in her delivery to leaders, managers and their teams.”

Renata, Sydney

“Working with Sashua is a delight. Her knowledge and expertise is first class and her service to her clients matches this. Amazing business and person all in one!”

Matt Alderton, Sydney

“Sashua exudes an energy that is calming and positive!! As a transformation coach she facilitates change that will have a true and profound impact on your life”.

Laurene McKenzie, Gold Coast

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