Energy Cleanse Meditation

Are you stuck in Busy-ness?
Overwhelm? Indecision?

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Have you ever had moments where you are feel lacklustre, not sure of your direction, or if you are sure, not sure how to get there?

As we move through our day we accumulate energy. Some is of benefit to us, uplifts us and sets us on the right path with all the confidence to step forward. Some depletes our energy resources and we can find ourselves in states of doubt, fear, lethargy, insecurity or ego which can be just as draining.

Energy is moving around us and within us all the time. We are energy and therefore we can be affected by every interaction we have. Self-talk can be the most impactful.

Are you aware of your thoughts and how they can impact on your energy reserves?

Other interactions can also impact our energy levels and how we feel about life. That may be communicating within our relationships, with loved ones, communicating in business, with clients and the broader community. You may also be involved (thinking about) world-wide issues.

The question is are you aware of what you are picking up along the way? How is it affecting you?

Most of us want to feel energised, optimistic and focussed every day, especially Mondays!

So to clear the depleting energy that we can collect in our travels, and to refocus our attention on feeling energised, uplifted, focussed and directed…

I am offering a series of Monday Morning kick-starters. A FREE environmental energy cleanse every Monday morning at 9.30am on zoom.

It is a quick 20 min session to get you focussed and energised for your week ahead. Setting your intention for the goals you have and clearing the pathway for you to move forward.

It is high energy session to cleanse you, your environment, your business endeavours and relationships as well as the broader community and planet.

It’s like a meditation but so much more. Focussed energy, channelled LIVE, directed at:

– Clearing pathways for your goals for the week

– Uplifting your energy

– Cleansing your environment and those around you

– Refreshing and supporting the energy across your community and the globe

– Raising the vibration of the planet to a higher consciousness

At the end if you wish, you can share on your experience to connect with the feeling and share a keyword to encompass that feeling. I then turn those keywords into an affirmation that can be used as a mantra for your week ahead. Knowing that you have been a part of creating it.

This is a passion project.

Start your Monday morning fresh, focussed and ready for momentum

Be a part of bringing this positive energy to yourself, your environment and the planet as a whole, contributing to the energy just by being there to help make the change we all want to see and feel in the world.

You will be the beneficiary.

Together we rise.

Ready to Start your Monday morning fresh, focussed and ready for momentum

Join us for a Weekly Environmental Energy Cleanse every Monday!

Affirmations from Past Energy Cleanse Meditations

Sashua Banay Transformational Coach

Hi, I’m Sashua!

Transformation Coach, Intuitive Mentor, Corporate & Team Facilitator and Keynote Speaker.

What ever brought you here. You are in the right place. I am a believer in how the Universe brings people together in the right timing. You may be feeling stuck, frustrated, tired, disheartened even unfulfilled and lacking in true confidence, trust or self-belief. You are not alone. ❤️  Now is not the time to lose heart, focus or momentum!

I know what it’s like to feel stuck AND I know how to get out of it. I know what it takes to transform your life into one of confidence, joy, clarity, momentum & fulfilment. Trusting your intuition and using it consciously to benefit your life.

That’s why I created a unique program to coach and support you through this process to create a life, business or career you are dreaming of living.

I do this through a unique combination of coaching and training using my Beyond Mindset Methodologies, combining 12 years’ experience in Human Resources plus 16 years of Personal & Business Energy Coaching. That’s 28 years of this wisdom passionately bursting out of me in everything I do!

Combine that with my naturally born and acutely trained intuition – and that’s what makes this coaching experience so unique with accelerated results. And it’s all included in my 12 Step Program – The Inspired Professional…

Here is some client love

I love the Monday energy cleanse. It is a perfect way to start the week. I power through my day afterwards and it makes an incredible difference to my whole week. Thank you Sashua Benay. ” 

Leanne Clune - Gold Coast, QLD

“I attend Sashua’s energy meditation group. I hadn’t been for a while and today’s meditation confirmed it is a must on a weekly basis. The release of ‘stuff’ and the energy it brings to our body, aura and whole self is absolutely amazing. Thank you Sashua!! Absolutely amazing!”

Bianca de Reus, Sydney

“I love Monday as it sets up my week, keeps me clear and focused. Without it I am less organized, up and down. Easily distracted. I love the energy and focus.”

Morag Wheeler, Townsville

“Sashua is golden and grounded, and invites me to do the same by her kind presence and energy work. When I join in her sessions, I feel the world shifting towards the light, enhancing my way of giving to the world. Thank you Sashua” 

Tryn Rose Seley - Arizona, USA

Ready to Start your Monday morning fresh, focussed and ready for momentum

Join us for a Weekly Environmental Energy Cleanse every Monday!