High Energy Facilitator & Speaker That Ignites Everlasting Change

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Heartfelt Storytelling

Sashua is a high energy facilitator & speaker with a calm core centre, who ignites everlasting change in those she works with. She is a genuine, heart-felt storyteller who speaks from a knowing from years of life experiences, conscious choices and a bigger picture for all.

Topics That Inspire Change

From Corporate Events, Team Development Workshops, Networking events to Retreats, Sashua speaks to a range of audiences and platforms on topics that includes:

– Conscious & Innovative Leadership
– Team Engagement
– Empowering Women
– Intuitive Business
– Making the sea or tree change
– Transcendent Collaboration
– Inspired Living
and more…

Professional Speaker, Sashua Benay

Hi, I’m Sashua!

I am a Transformation Coach, Corporate Facilitator and Keynote Speaker with over 16 years’ experience in personal and professional development. Prior to that, I spent 12 years in Corporate Human Resources specialising in Organisational Development, Leadership and Culture. I now specialise in soul centred empowerment to give heart-centred leaders and teams a voice. My mission is to inspire and empower others to find their truth and path to happiness through living consciously.

Here is some client love

“Sashua is a special lady with a gift at reading people and understanding the right things to say and the right direction to take in any circumstance. She’s simply a brilliant and clearly an experienced coach. The real deal.”

Damian, Sunshine Coast

“Sashua is a breath of fresh air. She has a high energy, genuine approach that is inspiring, engaging and empowering in her delivery to leaders, managers and their teams.”

Renata, Sydney

“Working with Sashua is a delight. Her knowledge and expertise is first class and her service to her clients matches this. Amazing business and person all in one!”

Matt Alderton, Sydney

“Sashua exudes an energy that is calming and positive!! As a transformation coach she facilitates change that will have a true and profound impact on your life”.

Laurene McKenzie, Gold Coast

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