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Coaching Professionals in Mindset, Inspired Living & Conscious Leadership 

Mindset, Inner Dialogue, Energy and Alignment are key themes in my transformational work of hosting your journey of creating an inspired life you love.  Book a 15 minute call together to uncover what is holding you back from living your inspired life, reaching your goals and expanding your vision in life and business.

Does This Sound Familiar?

– Stuck in life, business or career?
– Feeling unsupported, unfulfilled or drained?
– Burnt-out, stressed, worried or need a change?
– Searching for clarity, direction or motivation?
– Ready to uplift your life or business/career NOW!
– Want more out of Life and ready to create your Vision?

Live a More Inspired & Confident Life Through  Transformation Coaching

– Increased trust in knowing a new empowered you
– Take action more effortlessly creating great results
– Develop deeper intuition & connection within
– Clarity in direction, focus to achieve
– Resilient & thriving with higher energy reserves
– Happier more joyful life, inspired and confident

Transformational Coaching Services

Sashua Benay Coaching

1 to 1 Coaching

Transformation, Mindset, Energy and Alignment. Just a few of the tools I use to address anxiety, worry, self-doubt, judgement, overwhelm, fatigue, negative self-talk, indecision, lack of clarity and more.  I get to the core issues fast and transform their hold on you using my signature Beyond Mindset Methodologies.

Let’s nourish your experience of life through a soul-centred lens creating more Self-Belief, Valuing yourself and building a Calm Inner Confidence for you to step into life as the true you.  Unstoppable.

Creating Meaningful Change in Your:
* Energy Levels
* Business Clarity & Progress
* Enhancing Relationships
* Inner Dialogue
* Reconnecting With Your Spark
* Loving You and more…

Coaching the Coaches
Coaching Entrepreneurs, Professionals
and Visionaries

Corporate Facilitator

Executive Coaching

Coaching for Leaders, High Achievers or Public Figures.  A Self-Centric focus to inform your actions in the outer world.  You can do all the professional development courses you like.  The truth is, where demonstrable and meaningful change develops in our leadership is within us.  Everything else is a bandaid.

For change we must first go inwards to enable our outer communications, relationships and experiences to evolve. The techniques I use to create real change in your work/life experience, will happen faster than any other personal or professional development you have done.

Speciality Areas:
* Women in Leadership
* Work Life Balance / Integration
* Calm Under Pressure
* Powerful Communication & Self Expression
* Corporate Exit

Sashua Benay

Intuitive Mindset Mentor

Intuition can be a super power in business and a profound resource in your life for knowing you and what you are truly capable of, creating meaningful relationships with others, taking decisive action to move toward your purpose-filled life.

Even if you have explored or even dived deep into this part of you, there is always more.  If this were a sport, I would be an Olympian in this space.  Discover how you could too then use it to start to live your Legacy Life co-creating with the Universe to change the tide toward a better world.

Passionate Topics:
* Strengthening Intuition & Guide Communication
* Understanding Your Spiritual Gifts
* Life Awakening Blockage Release
* Balancing Chakra Life Force Energy
* Tapping Into Your Soul’s Innate Power & Wisdom
* Soul-Centred Business
* Building Your Legacy Life

Ready to Start Transforming Your Journey?

Book a complimentary Soulful Life Review today, and take the first step towards living your true inspired and empowered life.

Sashua Banay Transformational Coach

Hi, I’m Sashua!

I am a Master Coach in Personal & Professional Development with 12 yrs experience in Corporate HR + 18 yrs experience in Intuitive Mindset Coaching. I have gone through the tree change myself and I know what it takes… which is why I now specialise in soul centred empowerment to give heart-centred humans a voice in this world. Within themselves, in their relationships and in Business.  My mission is to inspire and empower others to find their truth and path to happiness through living consciously.  I would love to guide you on what that might look like for you.  Let’s find out how.

Want to know about the outcomes we create?
Here is some client love

“Sashua is a special lady with a gift at reading people and understanding the right things to say and the right direction to take in any circumstance.  Her Inspired Coaching Program has over delivered in every way and I cannot recommend it more highly.  The results have been obvious for myself and everyone in the program.  She’s simply a brilliant and clearly an experienced coach. The real deal.

Damian Murdoch, Sunshine Coast

“Working with Sashua is amazing. I have been able to increase my belief in me and develop my passion for helping others. She unconditionally shares her energy to encourage and assist me on my path. She has helped me believe in me in more ways that I thought I could. Her coaching is the missing link to discover who you are and what you truly are deserving of. Thank you Sashua my life has changed enormously in working together.”

Kylie Fryer, Gold Coast

“Sashua is pure energy like no other.  Her inspired life coaching has been life changing for me.  I was disconnected from myself and others and felt trapped in a life I had created.  In three months, my life is now completely transformed and back on track.  Sashua has a special gift in reading people and situations, her program delves deep and helps you to do the work to reconnect and transform your life.  I will be forever grateful and highly recommend.  Thank you Sashua, you are a blessing on this earth.”

Selena Budgen, Gold Coast

“Sashua has a supportive uplifting energy and genuinely wants to help everyone improve their lives and achieve their dreams.  Her Inspired Living Coaching helped clear me out the fog, take back my power and gave clarity, purpose, and direction back to my life.  My life is totally transformed.  Most of the time these days I live in a space of peace, contentment, and happiness.  So, to anyone wanting or needing to change part or all of your life – I very highly recommend Sashua’s Inspired Living coaching.  You won’t regret it.”  

Mel, Gold Coast

“Since working with Sashua I have made huge changes in my life.  I see myself and the world with a new lens, which is much more positive and light, and my energy has shifted in a unique and transformational way.  I have experienced more personal and professional growth with Sashua than any meditation, retreat, or coaching program I have ever done. I am forever grateful for how you have helped transform my life.” 

Alicia Lansdown, Sydney

“I have done lots of personal development over the years, but this was the first one to assist me to take real action in my life and with that action comes results.  My expansion since working with Sashua has been rewarding on so many levels. Personally, professionally and even financially. Sashua’s coaching is genuine, insightful, supportive and spot on!  She genuinely cares and delivers on what she says she will. If you are considering working with her… just do it!” 

Lyndall Appleby, Gold Coast

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