Where Transformation Begins.
Uncover the Art of True Well-Being.

Self Paced Recording Available Soon
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For nourishment that lasts, I invite you to join me on this journey.

Begin Your Journey to a Fulfilled Life

At the end of the busy day, do ‘should haves’ weigh on your thoughts?  Does self-doubt whisper too loudly as you seek rest?  Break free from burn-out and uncertainties with the Nourish Online Retreat.
I’m Sashua Benay, your guide through an invigorating 3-day journey meticulously crafted to breathe life into your weary spirit and spark the flames of your dormant aspirations.”

 The Path Awaits You

Replenish your heart, rekindle your energy and restore your soul’s purpose.

Share in a community space of growth and grace.

Your Invitation

Join a bespoke 3-day journey, where every element is infused with the intent to replenish, rekindle and restore. This retreat is a tapestry woven from the threads of your aspirations, consciously curated to guide hardworking souls like yours to a wellspring of balance and joy.

Nourishing your body heart and soul is a skill you can learn I’d love to teach it to you today

Imagine waking up each day with a feeling of excitement for the day ahead. You have all the energy you need you have clarity in your direction and you feel supported by your own self love and the love and support you have cultivated in your environment

How Does This Feel

Instead of feeling exhausted yet guilty that you were taking time out for yourself, you instead give yourself the time you need to nourish and replenish your energy for real

Instead of getting caught in the ups and downs and emotional mood swings of life, you take more control of who you are and how you relate to the world

Instead of doubting your self-worth and what you can contribute to the world, you can step confidently into your opportunities with passion and a calm knowing that you’ve got this

Instead of taking every comment or look personally and dissecting it afterwards, you feel relaxed in who you are and your beauty inside, out and around

Instead of putting others before yourself every day leaving little energy for your own nourishment, you learn to put yourself first so you have even more energy to support those you love and in the end everybody wins even more

Instead of doubting yourself, your direction and your decisions, feeling worry and anxiety, you gain a deep clarity, confidence and momentum to step forward on your unique pathway because it feels right

Instead of playing small and settling for what life has offered you so far, you step into your wisdom and an expanded vision of yourself believing in who you are and tapping into the harmony of life, naturally nurturing your expansion and living it unencumbered

For Nourishment That Lasts…

I invite you to join me on the journey

When you change – your life changes around you

Feel more passionate every day

Have more energy reserves available to you

Improve your inner dialogue and self-talk

Improve communication with others

Create days that have spark and a fire in the belly

Life can become more effortless and joyful

Start living your purpose because you know what it is

Attract and develop more meaningful relationships

Allow abundance and bounty to come to you in many forms

Go to bed with a feeling of fulfilment and accomplishment

Wake up every day knowing that you are amazing

Nourish Retreat Overview

Day One: Replenishment

* Welcome & Centring: Grounding ourselves with intentions to craft a transformative journey

* Healing Lenses: Explore healing from past, present, and future perspectives

* Forgiveness & Release: Unlock the process of letting go and moving forward

* Transformative Breathwork: Engage in breathwork practices designed to revitalize your life force and revitalize your spirit

* Boundaries & Energy Review: Understand and recalibrate your energy reserves

* Gift Time (30 mins): A special segment dedicated to personal enrichment

* Live Coaching Q&A: An interactive session where life, soul and business finds clarity

“Rediscover serenity with the power of presence, setting your heart free from the echoes of yesterday.”

Day Two: Rekindling

Bonus: Early morning Qigong and chakra balancing to rejuvenate spirit and body
Bonus:  Smoothie Challenge

* Healing Reflections: Begin with introspective exercises to understand energy dynamics

* Self-Value: Embrace self-worth and love as pillars of your vitality

*Singing Bowl Symphony: Experience the harmonious vibrations of singing bowls, guiding you in aligning your inner frequency with the pulse of tranquility

* Universal Connection & Vibration: Harness love and support of the Universe to elevate your resonance with life’s purpose

* Nature Meditation (30 mins): A grounding session to connect deeply with nature’s tranquility and its messages

* Strengthen your self-reliance for a life lived with the power and passion of your true nature

“Reignite your essence, nurturing seeds of joy and purpose for a life rich with self-reliance.”

Day Three: Restoration

Bonus: A revitalizing start with Qigong facial techniques and a meditative awakening
Bonus:  Mocktail Challenge
Come in Your favourite beach gear! (Recommended for the mid-morning technique)

* Reflective Awakening: Begin with reflection on the retreat’s journey, contemplating the essence of true nourishment in your life and how to sustain it

* Attitude Is Everything: Set a positive trajectory for your pathway moving forward with consistency markers along the way

* Belief & Possibilities: Embrace your purpose with unshakeable confidence

* Ease & Grace: Integrate harmony into daily life to ground you for success

* Vision & Success: Expand your horizon and step into your greatness to live a purposeful life
* Transformation Acknowledgement: Recognize the growth achieved during our time together and envision how this redefined sense of self will enrich your journey forward

* Offer, Live Q&A with Intuitive Insights: A session to address your life-long questions with profound sharing

“Reshape your tomorrow on the canvas for your dreams, painted with the brushstrokes of harmony and vision, translating aspirations into the art of purposeful living.”

The Beyond Mindset Method Is At The Core Of The Nourish Retreat

Mindset and mindfulness has been a topic that has been explored for many years. Whilst these are essential elements to a balanced life, I believe there is more. From the deep work that I have done spiritually, energetically, tapping into ancient wisdom and the true nature of our soul, I have developed my own human design beyond mindset methodologies. 

I believe the true secret to living your best life is not as much dependent on just clearing your mind but what is beyond your mind, it is your energy, your aura, your essence.  When you can truly tap into this unseen and often under explored side of yourself, this is where the true magic begins.  This is when you surprise even yourself or someone looks at you and can’t make out exactly what that twinkle in your eye, one of profound inner knowing, is all about.  I have been using these methods for many years on myself and others and it has a proven track record with many clients who, when they apply them consistently, have achieved extraordinary results in their life, health, relationships and business that are often beyond what they could have imagined for themselves.

What To Expect

Facts on times each day, platforms we will be using and how the retreat will be delivered.


Day One
Self Paced Main Session
Retreat Full Group
Includes 30 min replenish guided nap

Day Two
Self Paced Pre-Session Bonus
25 min Qigong and Meditation

Day Two
Self Paced Main Session
Retreat Full Group
Includes 30 min guided meditation in nature

Day Three
Self Paced Pre-Session Bonus
25 min Qigong Facial and Meditation

Day Two
Self Paced Main Session
Retreat Full Group
Includes 30 min break for ice breaker activity

Retreat Reunion
Self Paced Session

1 Hour Reunion – Accountability Support and Planning for Success
Optional but hey why wouldn’t you…


Yes this is an online Retreat

Sound different?
Not quite the same as in person?
Well Yes AND No

Hear Me Out…

This event is different
I guarantee it is like nothing you have ever experienced before.
It is not laden with slides with loads of words.
It is short pieces of content to get your creative juices flowing, your mind wandering and your energy exploring – deeply.
There will be meditations, techniques, visualisation, movement, embodiment, music, singing bowls, breathwork, qigong, a nature walk and more.

Everything you could hope for in a retreat.

There will be BYO smoothy challenges
Day 3 you are invited to dress in your favourite beach gear (and for good reason,  you will have to come to find out why!)

All up including bonus sessions, there will be 11 hours of experiential immersion retreat style.


Sessions will be online via zoom.  You will be sent an email and a calendar invitation so you have the link nice and handy.  It will be the same link for all sessions.

Whilst the idea of being on zoom may make your butt numb just at the thought of it…

This retreat is going to be so experiential, so Zen, full of movement, super engaging and replenishing I guarantee your butt won’t feel a thing.  

But your spirit will be ignited!

You will also be invited to join a Private Telegram Group for tribe connection, sharing, love and support.

Here you can tag me and I will answer any questions you may have about all things emotional, energy, spiritual, business, relationships and life for the duration of the retreat.

You are probably getting the feeling by now that this is not just an online event

This is an experience to remember for your heart and soul.

YES! Recordings will be available from the event.
So if you miss a session or want to replay the techniques anytime, you can.


When you attend you will also receive…

Nourish Retreat Workbook
Consciously crafted to enhance your retreat experience

Personal Energy Cleanse Video
With instruction on how it works and how to use it day to day for maximum energy benefits

Meditation Series on Allowing Energy Expansion:
Acknowledging Change to Release
Finding Your Freedom

Choose Your Nourish Experience

Essential Nourishment
All Access Retreat
$333 AUD

Premium Enrichment
All Access Retreat
* 1 Hr 1:1 Coaching with Sashua
* Empowerment Meditation Suite:
Harmony & Reconnecting
Insights from Your Future Self
$597 AUD

Platinum Immersion
All Access Retreat
Premium Enrichment Package
* EOI for Platinum Immersion 1:1 Coaching Program with Sashua for complete Life Business Transformation and
* Transformative Goal Realisation Workshop
** Limited spaces available
$597 AUD + Immersion Program Investment

What Others Have To Say

You know how you meet a person and you are absolutely in awe of who they are and how they shine? For me, that is Sashua! She is a bright, beautiful Soul, who has nothing but love, respect, compassion and absolute devotion to her fellow human (soul) beings. She absolutely walks her talk and guides you the way to discover your own light, your connection with who you are, and what you are capable of. Both as a human and a soul being. I have experienced working with Sashua as a wonderful journey to finding out what is going on at the core of my being, dig out what needs to be released, to be able to shine even more brightly. It helped me to see myself clearer, and started my journey of self-worth, confidence and a deeper sense of my whole being.

I cannot recommend Sashua and her amazing work in this world enough. Do yourself a favour and connect with Sashua – allow her to shine a light on you, so you can shine your light into the world.
Bianca de Reus, Sydney

I am by nature a cautious person so I don’t jump into friendships or situations. Over several months I observed Sashua interacting with others and noticed that not only did she light up the room with her pure gentle energy, but from the very first moment that I met Sashua I understood her ability to seamlessly slip you a message from the other side. I’ve been on my own spiritual journey for over 25 years and there are plenty of good people out there doing the work and saying and doing all the right things, but Sashua is pure energy like no other.

Her work has been life changing for me. When I started, I felt completely disconnected from myself and others and felt trapped in the life I had created. My life is now completely transformed and back on track. Sashua has a special gift in reading people and situations, her work delves deep and helps you to do the work to reconnect and transform your life. I will be forever grateful and if I ever feel myself slipping once more into the abyss I will know who to reach out to. Highly recommend, thank you Sashua, you are a blessing on this earth.

Selena Budgen, Gold Coast

I came across Sashua Benay in a group we were both members of and was intrigued by her amazing sense of calm and presence. I knew that there was a lot I could learn from her and so when I saw the opportunity come up to do her Inspired Life Program I jumped at it.

The program has over delivered in every way and I cannot recommend it more highly.

Sashua is a special lady with a gift at reading people and understanding the right things to say and the right direction to take in any circumstance. She’s simply a brilliant and clearly an experienced coach. The real deal.

Damian Murdoch, Sunshine Coast

Working with Sashua has completely changed my life. I’ve made huge changes in my life and business. I see myself and the world with a new lens, which is much more positive and light, and my energy has shifted in a unique and transformational way.

To anyone who has a burning desire to take the next leap in life or feels confused about the path they’re on, or they’re holding themselves back, work with Sashua. It will be the best investment you make in yourself. I have experienced more personal and professional growth with Sashua than any meditation, retreat or coaching program I have ever done.

Alicia Lansdown, Sydney

Meet Your Host

“Nearly two decades ago, a spark was kindled within me—a fervent desire to illuminate the paths of others seeking healing and growth. My journey has been one of nurturing the expansion of lives and livelihoods, guiding souls toward an existence rich with purpose and vibrant businesses.

This quest began with my own transformation: a departure from the corporate world into the depths of spiritual awakening, a personal health revolution with a 50 kg weight loss and a profound tree change that forever altered my destiny.

Now it is my deepest honour and passion to accompany you on your transformative voyage to unveil your true essence. Together we will uncover the hidden gems of your being—treasures once buried or unacknowledged, yearning for expression in all their uniqueness.

Through my signature ‘Beyond Mindset’ methodologies, one-to-one coaching, intuitive mentoring and group facilitation, enriched by my expert mastery in trance healing, chakra balancing and energy cleansing with Living Illumination, I’ve had the privilege of steering countless individuals toward profound life shifts. Witnessing transformations in health, relationships, career and business achievements, financial prosperity and most importantly in self-worth, self-care, self-love and believing deeply in one’s own purpose and destiny.

I am now delighted to extend to you an invitation to this exquisite event – a pivotal moment on your extraordinary journey to finding your truth and path of happiness to live a purposeful spirited life.”

For Nourishment That Lasts…

This transformative retreat will be recorded, allowing you the luxury of revisiting and reabsorbing its nourishing wisdom on your schedule, whenever you need it.
I invite you to join me on the journey