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To explore this topic with honesty can take courage.  And i believe it is a conversation that is extremely important to have.  This issue going unnoticed or not being addressed can have catastrophic repercussions.  Yet when aired and given the opportunity to change, can be liberating and life changing.  This is why I have felt called to action.

This movement is in its infancy.  Our first step is to start collecting our own data on Loneliness in Busy People, develop resources to help those in need and spread the word!

How can you get involved, receive support or offer support?

1.  Please take a few minutes to complete our survey so we can start collecting some raw and real data on Loneliness in Busy People

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2.  Share this link with others to include them and invite them into the conversation

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3.  Let’s talk about becoming a Project Belonging Ambassador and what that might look like

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