The Entrepreneurs Guide to Collaboration

Energised Techniques to Transform Your Impact

Grow your business fast using the powerful techniques of Collaboration.  This self paced online workshop provides a practical guide with accompanying detailed Workbooks to super charge the growth of your business.

What is The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Collaboration?

A powerful tool that can grow your business exponentially in effortless & synchronistic ways is Collaboration.  The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Collaboration is an online practical exploration and application of 6 key pillars of successful collaboration to arm businesses with a workable and achievable pathway to profitable collaboration. Delivered as a self paced online course, participants are guided through each pillar accompanied by a printable PDF workbook. This Self Paced training will provide tips on where to start and how you can leverage this business tool to expand your business further & faster.

Why A Workshop On Collaboration?

Not many businesses understand how to collaborate strategically.
As a result, they can be faced with a number of challenges including: 

  • not knowing where to start

  • being unaware of different collaborative options that may suit their business

  • unable to create a clear product/service

  • imbalance in skillset or contribution

  • personality clashes

  • being unsure how to monetise and create a flow of income to the project 

These issues can create major delays, wasting time, effort and resources.  It may even cause a collaborative venture to never get off the ground or an established one to cease all together.


Who Is This Program For?

  • Business owners who are currently seeking a collaborative partner but do not know where to start
  • Business owners who are actively networking and seeking new business opportunities
  • Business owners who are seeking to become “collaboration ready”
  • Business owners who are struggling to get their collaborative venture off the ground
  • Business owners who are looking for new ways to increase the impact and profitability of their current collaborative venture

What You Will Learn

* Proven Methodologies on Successful Collaboration to Expand your Business
* Leveraging the Benefits of Collaboration
* Monetising your Collaboration so Everyone Wins
* Getting Started and How to Know its Right For You
* The Who What When Where Why & How!

* Hot Tips on Taking Your Collaborative Efforts to the Next LEVEL!

Course Description

Self Paced Training including interactive techniques and accompanying Workbook and Slides with checklists and activities covering the 6 Pillars of Success Collaboration including how to initiate, sustain and thrive through using collaboration as a super power in business.

Workshop Modules

Session 1
Goals and Intentions
Pillar 1 – Potential Industry Collaborations
Pillar 2 – Getting To Know You
Pillar 3 – Know Your Talent and Capacity
Inter-Session Heart work

Session 2
Session 1 Recap
Pillar 4 – Synergise & Synchronise
Pillar 5 – Clarify & Monetise Your Product
Pillar 6 – JV Marketing
Post Session Heart work

Meet Your Facilitators

Sashua Banay Transformational Coach

Sashua Benay

Sashua Benay (B.Com HR) is a Transformation Coach,  Corporate and Team Facilitator, Intuitive Mentor and an International #1 Best Selling Author.  She is a Master Coach bringing her engaging, passionate and nurturing approach to business transformation and team experiences following a 12 year Corporate HR career, plus 18 years in coaching, mentoring and facilitating personal and professional development and group facilitation.  Her passion is to create worldwide change through inspiring and empowering Professionals and Entrepreneurs in Conscious Living and Leadership.

Dene Menzel

Dene Menzel is a multi-award winning Musicpreneur and International #1 Best Selling Author, with over 20 years experience in business, branding and marketing. Since her book release in 2013, Dene has worked alongside iconic artists including Kate Ceberano AM, US Rap Artist Gizzle and the The Australian Girls Choir, and is an industry leader and innovator in using music as a touchpoint amplifier and emotive connector in both branding and workplace engagement.

Sashua Banay Transformational Coach

Together they are Co-Founders and Directors of HeartBeat Group incorporating two streams of services. 

HeartBeat Collaborations facilitates coaching and training programs for Entrepreneurs seeking to learn this powerful tool
that can grow their business exponentially in effortless & synchronistic ways. The programs explore where to start
and how to leverage this business tool to expand business further & faster.

HeartBeat Leaders and Teams facilitate conversations and unique team development experiences called Transformation Team Jams to
transform important issues facing workplaces. Those of feeling disconnected, overwhelmed and unsupported. Through their custom
designed workshops, they help build genuine engagement, focus, momentum, alignment and success for Leaders & their Teams.

What do other participants have to say

So much value and direction on how and where to start collaborating. Super impressed!


Great to get further distinctions and additional inspiration to expand what I am already doing.


The knowledge gives me a grounding framework and even a template to follow.


It was a great way to hone in on things as A reminder of why and how we do things. Really important. I really enjoyed it! Thank you!


The Entrepreneurs Guide to Collaboration